With the ability to safeguard data centers, telecommunication facilities, and critical installations, transfer switches provide on-time power to an electrical circuit from your Clarke power source.  Upon request, Clarke generator sets include transfer switches from ASCO Power Technologies*, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of power transfer solutions.

*other manufacturers available upon request*



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 11BG  A programmable engine exerciser that provides for weekly or bi-weekly operation includes one form C contact for source availabilty of normal and one contact for availability of emergency.  The programmable engine exerciser incorporates a 7 day or 14 day time base with a digital readout display.  Includes "with or without" load control selection for exerciser period.
 14AA/BA  Auxiliary contacts to indicate position of main contacts.  Two (2) for normal and two (2) for emergency position (one set is standard).
 44A  Strip heater with thermostat for extremely cold areas to prevent condensation and freezing of this condensation.  External 120 volt power source required.
 44G  Strip heater with thermostat, wired to load terminals: 208-240, 360-380, 460-480, 550-600 volts.  Contains wiring harnesses for all transfer switch sizes.
 72A  Serial module 5110, used to allow local or remote connectivity via an RS-485 interface.  The module has two port connectors used for ATS and stand-alone power manager connectivity.  The serial connection is accomplished from a 5 pin terminal header/socket block.  The serial network can support up to 32 devices.
 72E  Connectivity module 5150, used to bring several different serial devices that communicate at different baud rates and with different protocols to a common Ethernet medium.  The module is used to connect Series 300 to a standard 110Base T Ethernet TCP/IP network using standard RJ-45 connectors.  The module contains built in JAVA program applications for an internet browser for each monitored device that can load automatically to a standard Web Browser.
 123  A protective window that includes a poly-carbonate frame and weather gasket to provide secure access to the membrane interface for the type 1 enclosures.  This lockable cover is an alternative to providing 3R secure enclosures.


What does a transfer switch do and why is it necessary?

    A transfer switch creates a safety connection between your generator, the utility company, and your business during power outages.  It is required by law in all 50 states.

When should a SERVICE ENTRANCE RATED (SER) transfer swtich be used?

    If an automatic transfer switch is required to carry the entire load of a facility, SER equipment must be installed to comply with NFPA 70 requirements.

What is the difference between an automatic transfer switch and a manual transfer switch?

    With an automatic transfer switch (ATS), everything is fully automated.  During a power outage, the ATS connects the facility to the generator and transfers the power.  When utility power is restored, the ATS will reverse this connection.  On the other hand, the manual transfer switch (MTS) requires action by the user.  The generator will need to be started, the MTS will need to be connected, and the facility power will need to be switched over.  When the utility power is restored, everything will need to be manually reversed by the user.


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