Clarke generators are primed to run in any cold weather condition by maintaining standard engine running temperatures through the usage of properly sized engine block heaters.  For further cold weather protection, battery heaters and lube oil heaters are available upon request.

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Block Heaters

Block Heaters are one of the best methods to keeping the engine warm and ensuring an easy start.  They are usually installed as part of the original, standard equipment build.  Benefits include reduced engine wear by up to 50%, less fuel consumption due to less engine idling, reduced exhaust emissions on start, less stress on other components, and less water build up due to minimized condensation.

 30 - 200  1500
 230 - 400  2500
 450 - 600  4000

Battery Heaters

 Battery Warmers wrap around the battery and automatically turn on when the temperature drops below 40 degrees.  This will help prevent the battery from freezing and causing a starting issue for the generator set.

Oil Heaters

Lube Oil Heaters maintain the oil's ability to act as a slippery lubricant and prevent the oil from turning in to a thick, friction-fighting substance.