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GSC1  A very robust, single unit controller that has numerous accessories for communication, and expansion of I/O.  This controller has fully configurable alarms for the major monitored values of the genset and is able to interface with the ECU of electronic engines via CAN communication to display engine fault codes.  The user interface is very simple to navigate and easy to use either at the controller or via a computer connection.
 GSCP1  A higher level controller that has all of the functionality of the GSC1 and more, for single units as well as the ability to control multiple units in parallel.  This controller has the ability to network with up to 32 gensets via CAN bus communication for parallel operation as well as expand communication and I/O via CAN bus.  All alarms and I/O are completely configurable via the configuration software.  The user interface for this controller at the panel itself and via a computer connection is very user friendly.  The computer connection allows more advanced setup such as PLC functions available inside the controller.